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Market Overview: Major Events & Global Financial Affairs

Key Events: S&P 500 hits a new intraday record peak

Key Events



  • S&P 500 hits a new intraday record peak
  • NASDAQ 100 marks a fresh closing high
  • IMF reduces European economic development



Global Financial Affairs

MSFT created a bullish symmetrical triangle precisely a week ago, inferring smart money had confidence, or that informed money had an idea that earnings would surprise with an upside momentum.

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) stock fell, despite the expectation of growth beyond $1000 per share. 

Shares in Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) that stood at a crossroad reported fourth quarter earnings on Wednesday that were better than expected opposite to political and regulatory challenges.

The social media giant’s stock saw resistance at the top of a decreasing triangle, rising the odds of a decrease toward its bottom at $245. In case the resistance is broken, it will entail a sequence of events sending the price in the direction, and even beneath, $200. Nevertheless, the positive breakout of the pattern would turn the technical domino effect, elevating the stock even higher.

Finally, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) reported its earnings too. Its revenue skyrocketed up 21 percent and EPS was up 35 percent, demonstrating new all-time records

Last week Apple completed an ascending triangle—bullish, and supported by an earlier bullish, symmetrical triangle, followed by a falling flag. The stock is aiming towards the $170 level.

The dollar grew within a range ahead of the FOMC policy meeting.

Gold dropped for the fifth day in a sequence notwithstanding high bearish bets against the dollar, as gold’s safe-haven status may be weighing it down.

The yellow metal is squeezed between its falling channel and potential H&S bottom.

Bitcoin fell, along with the gold, on dollar strength.

The #1 cryptocurrency is currently ranging within a possible falling flag.

Oil grew, whose implied target, upon an upside, is expected to be $60 a barrel.

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